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About me

Describing me is a daunting task! In essence, I love eating, feeling the spices and sauces in my mouth. A spoonful of food is a little piece of heaven for me. I love watching the food cook, especially when you can smell the spices. I want to travel a lot, and talk with people and listen to their stories. I believe we can learn so much by learning about each others' stories. So that's a little about me, and if you want to know more, then follow me here on Allrecipes!

Favourite things to cook
I love cooking lentil grain soup ( daal) because I just love its thick gravy. Its the best when you add in a mixture of lentils and some dry chillies. I also like marinating and frying chicken.
Family cooking traditions
Bengali Desserts ( Pitha and Firni): Patishapta Pitha, Bhapa Pitha and Shujir Firni Dry Fish ( Shutki) Bhortha ( kind of like potato mash, but you can make the mash out of practically ANYTHING-including fish, meat and vegetables)
Cooking triumphs
Bhorta,Chicken Curry and Spaghetti
Cooking tragedies
Chocolate cake :( SIGH- I will have to try again AND again. Shrimp curry-the shrimps overcooked and I messed up the spices.

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