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Did you know people have been eating eggs since the dawn of time? Sadly, some of our egg dishes are also just as tired and old. How about trying a French classic, a healthy poached egg? It might sound fancy, but with just a little know how you can make it right at home.

Nothing says "Happy Birthday" like a cake layered with moist, rich fillings, fruits and nuts. Whether you're a beginning or advanced cake artist, you can make a plain cake look like a bakery gâteau with these icings and techniques.

How about making ice cream at home with the kids? It'll be a science experiment with a delicious reward at the end! This no-cook recipe for vanilla ice cream makes about 8 servings and you can easily customize the flavours to your choice.

Sponge cakes are European-style cakes, like the French génoise (zhehn-WAHZ), and are the foundation of your cake-building repertoire. These simple tips will help you make a great cake.

No need anymore to give sheepish calls to Ma at dinner time to make a pot of rice. There are hundreds of different varieties of rice grown worldwide, but most cooks only need to know a few basic ratios to cook rice perfectly.

Superfoods such as almonds can work better than vitamin pills to slash your risk of heart disease. Discover the nutritional benefits of almonds and quick and easy serving suggestions. Healthy eating doesn't have to take extra time out of your busy day--reaching for a handful of almonds is as quick as grabbing a bag of potato chips.

Say adios to greasy, expensive, same old boring stuff and make your own delicious pizzas! They're really simple and fun to make, and these few tricks help ease the process along. Browse attached yummy recipes and add cooked meats of choice for a non-veg meal.

Boneless chicken breasts just might be the most versatile cut of the chicken. You can cook them whole, stuff them with goodies, slice them thin for stir-fry, and cut them in cubes for kebabs. The possibilities are endless.

Lord Narayan is said to recline in eternal peace on his Sheshnag, amidst 'ksheersagar', the ocean of milk. We use milk to bathe the gods and our children, hardly a day goes by when we don't use it and yet, kids across the nation curl their noses up at its mention. Now, discover the nutritional benefits of milk and some quick and easy serving suggestions that'll have them saying, "yum".

Why marinate meats? Marinades add flavor to food. They also add moisture, particularly when the marinade contains an oil base. Some marinades like lassi and dahi are also thought to make meats more tender and used for dishes like 'reshmi kebab'. Whether or not they significantly tenderize meat, they surely help balance out the sweet, spicy, and aromatic flavors of a marinade.


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