Jam rolls in custard

    Traditionally we make sweet dishes like this for Eid festivals and other home parties. It is sweet, thick and gorgeously creamy. It tastes great as a dessert after a spicy meal. Enjoy :)


    Dhaka, Bangladesh
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    • 1 liter of milk
    • 1-2 eggs, beaten well
    • 1 cup of powdered milk
    • 4 drops of vanilla essence
    • 1.5 cups and 2 tablespoons of sugar
    • 4 eggs
    • 1.5 teaspoons of baking powder
    • 2 cups of sifted flour
    • 1 cup of strawberry, blueberry, mango or orange jam
    • 2 tablespoons of butter
    • 5 g of gelatin
    • water as needed
    • 2-3 tablespoons of sliced cashews, chestnuts and raisins


    1. Heat a saucepan with milk. Continue to stir while adding the beaten eggs, powdered milk, vanilla essence and 1/2 cup of sugar. Stir continuously to prevent a layer of milk drying on too. The milk will thicken and become creamy. Set aside to cool.
    2. Grind 1-cup sugar into a fine powder. Set aside in a bowl
    3. Crack an egg in a bowl and separate the egg yolk from the egg white into 2 additional separate bowls. Use a 3rd bowl to crack the next egg, separate the yolk from the egg yolk and transfer to the 2 separate bowls. This way if there is any rotten egg then the rest of the egg whites or yolks will not be ruined. Repeat for the rest of the eggs.
    4. Beat the egg whites using an eggbeater until a foamy texture forms.
    5. Beat the egg yolks with sugar separately using an eggbeater until the egg yolks turn white.
    6. Now add the foamy egg white to the egg yolk+sugar mixture and continue to beat
    7. Add the baking powder and beat continuously.
    8. Add the sifted flour a little at a time in circular motion from the edge of the bowl and continue to beat.
    9. Finally add the vanilla essence and beat well. The batter will be thin
    10. Preheat the baking oven at 180 degree Celsius for 10 minutes
    11. Grease a baking tray with butter and pour the cake batter.
    12. Bake at 160 degree Celsius for 7 minutes.
    13. Grease a jam roll tray with butter. Gently transfer the cake on to the tray. Gently roll up the cake. Unroll the cake, and spread an even coating of jam and butter onto the top. Roll the cake back up into a spiral.
    14. Chill in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.
    15. Cut the roll into slices and allow to cool.
    16. Pour the custard milk on the serving dish. Add the jam roll slices as a layer. Pour the gelatin all over the jam roll slices. Refrigerate for 30-45 minutes before serving.
    17. Heat a separate saucepan with gelatin and 2 cups of cold water on low heat. Add 2 tablespoons of sugar, a little at a time while stirring continuously. ( Choose gelatin of a color that matches or complements the color of the jam in the jam roll).
    18. Finally sprinkle the nuts and raisins, and serve.

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