Musur Dal A Rohu Macher Muro

    Musur dal or lentil is used on regular basis in bengali household.Rohu macher muro or fish head is used to prepare dal to bring variety in daily recipe.Now a day's people are aware of their health so people with risk of high uric acid avoid lentil.Lentil contain a good amount of BV protien.So healthy people can consume this tasty & aromatic recipe with steamed rice.


    West Bengal , India
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    • Lentil or Musur Dal-100gm
    • Rohu Fish Head -1 medium size (200gms-250gm)
    • Onion-2 big size onion chopped
    • Garlic- 1,Cloves of 1 full garlic chopped
    • Red Chilli-3
    • Green Chilli-8
    • Turmeric-1/4 tsp
    • Cumin seed -1/4 tsp
    • Bay leaf-2
    • Salt-As per taste
    • Ghee-1tsp(optional )
    • Mustard Oil-asper requirement to deep fry fish head
    • Mustard Oil-1 1/2 tbsp


    1. Clean the fish head properly.Make two half of the head it will help you fry the head well.Wash the dal,drain water & store in a bowl accordingly.
    2. Now heat a Kadai on flame.Pour mustard oil in it.Pour oil so that you fry the fish head well.
    3. Now take a pressure cooker pour 1&1/2 tbsp oil in it & it be hot on oven.
    4. Add cumin seed,red chilli,bay leaf; wait until it starts poping.Now add half of chopped onion & garlic.Stir it well.
    5. When the onion turns brown gradually add the dal in the cooker.Mix it well with the condiments. Add turmeric powder & salt to taste.
    6. Now pour water in the mixture.Add at least 5 cup of water.
    7. Now add rest of the chopped onion & garlic & two split green chillies.Add fish head in it.
    8. Add a pinch of sugar.Cover the cooker with lid.Left the cooker on flame.Wait until the cooking in done.Turn off the oven after two whistle of cooker.
    9. Let the pressure cooker cool.When your able to open the lid of the cooker,add ghee & 6 split green chilli.
    10. Serve it hot with rice.


    Lentils are low calorie,low fat & protien rich food.Lentil provide more folic acid than any other cooked food,Important source of iron.Soluble fibre found in lentils decrease blood glucose,cholesterol.Lentil decrease insulin requirements for people with diabetes.But lentil is counted among high purine food,so people suffering with uric acid problem are not encouraged to eat this recipe.

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