Pakkon Pitha

    Pakkon Pitha is a very popular pitha in Comilla and surrounding districts in Bangladesh.It is a very poplar to my father and he makes us made it three or four times in a year for sure . I have learnt making this from my sister.She makes it really very delicious.


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    • Rice Flour 400 gm
    • Moong Dal 150 gm
    • suger 1/2 cup or 125 gm
    • jaggery ( khejurer ghur) 250 gm
    • Egg 1


    1. Roast the moong dal in a pan till slightly brown and a sweet aroma comes out.Boil the dal and process them in a blender or a food processor.
    2. Take the rice flour in a bowl and add 1/2 cup of hot boiling water in it.Mix them with a spoon and add some more water if its too dry.Don't add too much water,otherwise it will become a batter . We need the rice flour like a bread dough.
    3. Add the moong dal and an egg with the rice flour and knead them very well with the palm. add some oil (2or 3 table spoon) while kneading the dough.
    4. In a pan pour one cup of water and add the sugar and jaggery and heat them on the burner to make the syrup.You can add on a bay leaf to get a nice smell.Stir the mixture on and off. Stir it till the consistency syrup become slighty thick. To check if the syrup is ready,take a small amount of it in between two fingers and if it feels sticky like honey and gives thread like appearance when you depart the fingers then your syrup is ready.
    5. Take 1/3 portion from the dough and make a half inch bread with a pastry roller . Cut the bread in different shapes and make can use cookie cutter, toothpick,knife or fork to make designes.
    6. Deep fry all the pithas till they get a nice brown colour. after deep frying dip them in the sweet syrup for 5/6 minutes.
    7. Take out the pithas and serve them. You can serve them to 6 people.


    1. It's better if freshly ground rice flour is used. 2. jaggery is used to bring a nice flavour and taste.If you can,t find it out in your nearby stores,you can use only sugar syrup. 3. Some people like to boil the rice flour, you can make it in that way as well .but if you do in my process it will give you nice crispy outside and soft inside pithas. 4. It is necessary to make some holes on the pithas before frying.those holes helps to go the syrup inside the pithas and make them delicious.Actually thats why we make designs on the dough.Those who can't make designs can make small holes with a fork. 5. Vegetarians can avoid the egg..

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