broccoli in saffron sauce

broccoli in saffron sauce


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About this recipe: its a new dish invented by me

BibhutiBhusanPanigrahy Karnataka, India


  • 600 grams broccoli florets 200 ml béchamel sauce 01 tea spoon garlic, chopped 40 ml olive oil 01 tea spoon saffron stock 50 ml fresh cream 1/8 tea spoon nut Meg powder 01 tea spoon white pepper powder ¼ tea spoon salt


  1. Blanch broccolis in hot water. Heat olive oil in a sauce pan. Sauté garlic toss broccoli in that season it with salt and white pepper. Add cream, saffron stock, seasoning, nut Meg powder in béchamel sauce. Add tossed broccoli, saffron sauce heat it and serve it hot. COPY RIGHTS RESERVED BY @CHEF BB


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