basa in mustard dressing

basa in mustard dressing


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About this recipe: basa grilled and served with mustard dressing


  • basa 300 sms
  • potato
  • tomato
  • extra virgin alive oil
  • apple sidder vinegar
  • mustard seeds crushed
  • pepper crushed
  • salt
  • chilli flakes
  • basil dry herb
  • honey


  1. dressing - 1portion of vinegar with 3 portions of extra virgin olive oil , add crushed pepper , salt dry basil herb ,crushed mustard seeds, and honey
  2. add in a jam jar and shake well until the sauce turns whitish in colour and oil and vinegar are well mixed together , separate in 2 portions ( half n half) , half to be used to marinate fish and rest half for direct serving
  3. marinate the fish with the sauce and keep aside in a fridge for at least 30 mins ,
  4. boil a single large size potato and slice in flat pcs , you can leave or remove the skin, i prefer leaving the skin , adds better taste when grilled
  5. brush butter o the preheated grill pan and grill the potato slices with a tomato slice ,, grill on both side and arrange on the plate as the base for the fish
  6. grill the marinated fish each side for about 5 to 7 mins each , keep the grill on the lower heat initially then increasing to heavy heat towards the last 2 mins only to get the char look
  7. remove the grilled fish and place over the base created by the potato slices , once again shake the remainig sauce and pour over the side of the fish , add more silt if required and a fresh herb leaf if required to complete the look
  8. enjoy your fish


basa or any bone less fish fillets are good , take a mild taste fish so as it blends with the sauce

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