Baked bundi payesam

    It is a sweet dish. Having a complete different taste.can be served any time and in any occasions as desert.


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    • Besan - 2 cups
    • Bakinf soda- 11/2 cups
    • Ghee -3tsp
    • Sugar
    • Miilk- 2lit
    • Green cardamom powder- 2tsp
    • Cashewnuts -one hand full
    • Walnut- 6to7 pieces
    • Pista
    • Kesar 1/4 tsp
    • Condescend milk 3to 4 tbsp
    • Watera
    • Oil for frying bundi


    1. First need to make the bundis. For that mix the whole ammount of besan and baking soda and ghee.mix properly.then slowly add water.make sute your abtter should not have any lump.
    2. The consistancy will not so thick or thin. It should cover back of a spoon then the consistancy wil bee okay.
    3. Now heat the oil in a pan and add the mixture through medium whole sieve.
    4. Let them fry. In between take 1 cup sugar and 11/2 cup water in a pan and set on the heat.this is for sugar syrup.
    5. U can add one tsp green cardamom powder in that.
    6. Stire the sugar syrup continuously untill the sugar dissolve.when the boubles are comming.turn off the heat.
    7. Allow it to cool
    8. Now add the fried bundis to syrup.allow it to settlle for minimum 1 hour.
    9. Now in another pan heat the milk. Make it half of its original quantity.
    10. Nnow add the condescend milk.and stire well.
    11. Make sure often you have to stire it well.
    12. Add 1 tsp cardamom powder..
    13. Add kesar.
    14. Now make some hot water and add walnuts and pistas and peel the skin.cut theem.
    15. If the milk has thickened switch off the gass.
    16. Take a microwave proog bowl add the milk and add bundis strain from the syrup.
    17. Now add all the nuts.
    18. Net for 5 to 6 mins in microwave oven.
    19. Take it out. And allow it to cool.
    20. Serve it cool.

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