Easy Gujiya Recipe

    Indian dessert made during festivals

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    • Ingredients 1. Maida – ½ kg 2. Moan – 4 tbsp 3. Water – 185 ml 4. Chota Elaichi – 20 pieces 5. Sooji – ¼ Cup 6. Khoa – 1¼ Cup 7. Ghee – 3 tbsp 8. Dry Fruits – 2 tbsp (as required) 9. Kesar – as per taste 10. Sugar – 1¼ cup 11. Coconut Powder – 30 gm


    1. Method to prepare the filling and dough 1. Roast 1¼ cup khoa separately for about 3 minutes. Keep aside. 2. Roast ¼ cup sooji in 3 tbsp ghee till the mixture takes a light brownish color 3. Add 2 tbsp dry fruits to taste 4. Grind 20 choti elaichi and add the powder into the mixture 5. Add kesar as per taste 6. Keep roasting while compressing the mixture occasionally with the spatula so that the entire mixture combines into a single mass. Roast for 5 minutes. 7. Leave mixture exposed to air for about a day. 8. Mix in 1¼ cup sugar on the following day 9. As per taste, you can also mix in 30 gm coconut powder/shredded coconut into the mix 10. Mix khoa into this to make the filling 11. Mix the moan, Maida and water to prepare the dough. Keep aside. Method to prepare the gujiyas 1. Break the dough into a shape similar to a peda. Press it between your hands to give it a uniform shape. 2. Roll the dough pieces into circles of about 3 inch in diameter. Make 8-10 such pieces and keep aside. 3. Apply water on its edges. 4. Stick two opposite edges as shown in the picture. Then keep adding the filling into this while closing the outer shell from the top 5. As shown in the picture give shape to the outer edges with your hands Method for frying the gujiyas 1. Heat the oil at high flame for 3½ minutes 2. Shift flame to slightly below medium to prep for frying the gujiyas 3. Put the gujiyas into the oil carefully to fry. Keep turning occasionally. 4. Take it out when it is slightly brownish in color

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    Gujiya Recipe

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