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Biryani recipes (43)

Find veg or non veg, detailed or shortcut recipes of this iconic dish famed all over the country and abroad.

Top biryani recipes

12 reviews

This Shahi Nawabi Biryani..has given immence pleassure of cooking this Biryani for my family n friends...this Shahi Biryani is enriched with more flavours from Nawabi kind of peoples.

Recipe by: Nazreen

7 reviews

An Easy to Cook and Delicious Chicken Biryani recipe by Reena Malhotra of rare recipes. Total Cooking Time including Preparation and Marination Time : Approx. 1 Hour 15 Minutes Serves : 4-5 Key Ingredients : 1 Chicken - Broiler - Approx. 600 grams and 0.4 Kg Basmati Rice. Can be made using a Gas Stove/ Electric Hot Plate/ an Induction Cooker.

Recipe by: rarerecipes

5 reviews

Here's one of my authentic mutton biryani recipes. Guys and gals enjoy! Let me have your comments.

Recipe by: Santhosh

2 reviews

khao pio........jalsa karo.............

Recipe by: indiaallrecipe

No reviews

Kashmiri pulao as the name suggests originated in Kashmir, Pakistan. However, this recipe is widely used in the Bangladesh as the country was once part of Pakistan. It is interesting that even though geographical borders have been created after partition, the cultural and historical ties of Bangladesh and Pakistan still remains weaved in the present. This dish is cooked on special occasions, and is really easy to make. It can be served as a main dish with any sort of curry.

Recipe by: Afsana_Hossain

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