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    Our rich curry section has recipes for all sorts of veg and non-veg, spicy or mild, flavourful, delicious curries. Eat them with rice, chapati, naan or bhature!

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    This is an easy curry. It's rich, creamy, mildly spiced and extremely flavourful. Serve with naan and rice.

    Recipe by: YAKUTA

    14 reviews

    This is a quick solution to a curry when there is no meat or fish. Best eaten hot over white rice.

    Recipe by: Louella

    6 reviews

    I first tried this curry in a restaurant in Bangalore. I loved it so much that I asked all my friends if they knew anyone from Mangalore who could share the recipe with me. Finally, one of my friends came through. Below is an adaptation of her mother’s recipe. If you like peppery curries and tamarind, you are sure going to love this style of curry. Serve with steamed plain rice or with chapati.

    Recipe by: Susmita

    12 reviews

    This delicious aromatic dish is a favourite of my family! I learned to make it in a long tedious way but I've developed my own quick and easy way to make it.

    Recipe by: SavitaJ

    4 reviews

    I love Chettinad food. The gravy is very peppery and flavourful and goes very well with plain rice and papad on the side.

    Recipe by: Susmita

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