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This is a delicious chocolate cake for those who can't have eggs, and even for those who can! It also doesn't have milk products.

Recipe by: Amy Parsons


An Easy to Cook and Delicious Chicken Biryani recipe by Reena Malhotra of rare recipes. Total Cooking Time including Preparation and Marination Time : Approx. 1 Hour 15 Minutes Serves : 4-5 Key Ingredients : 1 Chicken - Broiler - Approx. 600 grams and 0.4 Kg Basmati Rice. Can be made using a Gas Stove/ Electric Hot Plate/ an Induction Cooker.

Recipe by: rarerecipes


It was saturday and kids like to eat the indian chats like bhel puri, pani puri, sev puri etc. I told them i can make them at home.. they were all so eager to try something new with their regular chats and hence tried this.. This can be taken in the evening with coffee/tea and especially in winter this makes u crazy

Recipe by: sumana


Here's a delicious dessert for the whole family. I've used sugar substitutes for diabetics. You can adjust the sugar according to taste.

Recipe by: vinver23

India is a country of flavors and spices. The rich and unique blend of spices and the flavor which they add to our cuisine is integral to our society and culture. Much like the diverse demography of the country, these spices combine in mixes with each other in the most diverse ways to produce savors each with a unique taste and aroma. Even the simplest of all recipes are prepared in this country with love and delight.

Recipe by: dattadebmalya

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