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    Celebrate Eid with dates, sevaiyan, phirni, keema-matar, baba ghannouj, kibbeh and other festive dishes from India, Pakistan and parts of the Arab world.

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    With oats and bananas, this is a much filling and healthy smoothie than the sugary ones out there. A fantastic breakfast on the go!

    Recipe by: ASTROPHE

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    Sweet, savoury, cinnamon and egg coated bread fried till golden brown and topped with fruit of choice. Here's the classic feel good breakfast for you and your family. You may also garnish it with whipped cream or honey or strawberry syrup. Enjoy!

    Recipe by: Bonnie

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    This yummy dessert is made with sponge cake drenched in custard and topped with fruits and nuts. Feel free to make the custard and add fruits of your choice! Happy Karva Chauth and Jhhakarian!

    Recipe by: Polly Welby

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    This healthy recipe doesn't need a pie crust, so you save time and calories! Feel free to experiment with different types of cheeses and chillies to suit your taste. Great for a special breakfast or any time snack!

    Recipe by: ANY14TNS

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    Don't be shy to try this unusual, super easy, decadent dessert. And if she asks, tell ma you're getting your protein and carbs both in this dish ;)

    Recipe by: tttt

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    Simple wonderful on a cold monsoon evening! Chicken soup is often credited with being a panacea for all kinds of ills, and this version – with its warming spices and vibrant colour – should perk up anyone. Serve with ghee wala parathas.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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    If you are like me and enjoy besan in sweets, then you will love Besan ladoo. What is even better is that they're very easy to make and keep well for many days. Not that they will last that long!

    Recipe by: Susmita

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    A great veggie pizza- ready made pizza crust baked with sun dried tomatoes, balsamic vinegar and tangy molten feta cheese, sprinkled with fresh kali mirchi. Serve with a leafy salad. Yum!

    Recipe by: Jan Cutler

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    Mutton is one of the most loved food here in India. And then when it is made with coconut it contains the right signature taste to it that says "Exotic India". Serve with pulao or Kashmiri rice.

    Recipe by: Megha_Karanjkar

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    The 'soda' in this easy to make, wildly popular bread doesn't come from club soda, but from soda bicarbonate. Try it with anything you'd eat bread with!

    Recipe by: Karin

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