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    This is a bengali delicacy and a good recipe for a pomfret fish lover. It is spicy and tangy. Definitely an easy recipe worth trying.

    Recipe by: piku

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    Chitol Fish Kofta is a rich dish cooked on special occasions. I tasted it for the first time at Yasmin's Aunty's place, and now thinking about is making crave for it much more. It is delicious by itself, but is usually eaten with plain rice, pulao or fried rice.

    Recipe by: BengaliFoodie

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    Doi maach is a very authentic Bengali preparation served typically at lunch with pulao or white rice on a festive occasion. My aunt almost always made it when any of her special out-of-town friends came to visit her. I myself have always been succesful in impressing my friends with this dish with practically not much hassle at all. Although it is usually made with a good quality Rohu fish, it can be easily supplemented by any fish that is fleshy in nature, like cat fish (aar maach) or bhetki.

    Recipe by: piku

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    Let me tell you something, this is my first try using prawns and it is Prawns Masala. You can even make this more spicy if you wish and it depends upon your taste. I am using tiger prawns to prepare this dish.

    Recipe by: Nimesh

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    Easy to prepare, traditional kerala style fish fry with onion paste.

    Recipe by: My_kitchen

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