Freeze and Chill recipes (44)

Too busy to cook? Try cooking in advance and freezing dishes to save time and money. Also find ice creams, shakes and other dessert recipes here.

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Milkmaid condensed milk with grand marnier into a great 'ice cream'. I like to serve two small scoops in tiny dishes with shortbread, biscotti or amaretti. Feel free to experiment and add a few drops of real vanilla essence or some vanilla seeds.

Recipe by: SARAHEMM

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Creamy, glossy, Chocolaty yummy mousse......

Recipe by: kavya8484

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Rich, chocolaty cheesecake ready without cooking! Add a little more cocoa powder/water mix for an extra chocolate-y flavour.


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An awsome blueberry cheesecake with no baking... Easy to make and best for the summer months....

Recipe by: kavya8484

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Dudh Lau is a dessert that really makes me hungry the moment I even pronounce its name. It is JUST SO YUMMY! Its sweet rich and creamy taste will uplift you anytime! Dudh Lau is frequently cooked during winter as gourds become widely available. The dish is also made during special occasions, such as on Eids.

Recipe by: BengaliFoodie

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