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    Find French classics for amuse bouche, soups, salads, main dishes, including pate, Coq au Vin, ratatouille, chocolate crepe and others here.

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    Here's one of my authentic mutton biryani recipes. Guys and gals enjoy! Let me have your comments.

    Recipe by: Santhosh

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    A combination of vegetables with zesty lemon juice and salad seasoning

    Recipe by: sumana

    194 reviews

    We've made this recipe for over 40 years and I promise it won't disappoint!

    Recipe by: PREGOCOOK

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    When I was a kid, I loved my mom's stuffed pancakes for weekend breakfasts. Now, I am a mom and I'm making these sweet and savoury mango stuffed crepes for her for Mother's Day brunch.

    Recipe by: Priyanka

    135 reviews

    Egg yolks, butter, and lemon juice combine to make this age old sauce from France. It's creamy, slightly tangy, always delicious and goes great over eggs, fish, steamed veggies or meats. Be careful, keep the heat low so that the egg yolks don't curdle, and whisk constantly.

    Recipe by: STEPHANO

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    It can be relished as a starter or evening snack.It tastes best with tomato sauce.

    Recipe by: vasundharaks

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    This healthy recipe doesn't need a pie crust, so you save time and calories! Feel free to experiment with different types of cheeses and chillies to suit your taste. Great for a special breakfast or any time snack!

    Recipe by: ANY14TNS

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    Bacon, eggs, cheese- You'll never guess how easy it is to make this iconic dish from France! An excellent choice anytime, from breakfast to dinner. Feel free to sprinkle some hari mirchi and dhania to jazz it up!

    Recipe by: Lynn

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    This is a vegetarian version of the traditional French dish. If you are home while this is cooking, give the beans a stir every 1/2 hour or so.

    Recipe by: Syd

    150 reviews

    Here's an exotic apple tart that looks like a million bucks and is flavoured with frangipane. A little labour is required but the results are totally worth it! Hope you like it as much as me.

    Recipe by: WURZELTREE

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