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    When I was a kid, I loved my mom's stuffed pancakes for weekend breakfasts. Now, I am a mom and I'm making these sweet and savoury mango stuffed crepes for her for Mother's Day brunch.

    Recipe by: Priyanka

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    Got over ripe bananas that you don't know what to do with? These muffins make super healthy snacks. Make some extra, freeze, and microwave to goodness in no time at all!

    Recipe by: Abi

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    Come summer and we can't seem to get enough of cold drinks. Here's a refreshing cantaloupe melon smoothie for a healthy after school snack.

    Recipe by: ONECUTETEXAN

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    Yummy easy to bake black forest pastry....

    Recipe by: kavya8484

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    No need for store bought bread. This bread is moist and delicious with loads of banana flavour! Once you taste this, you'll never throw away those ripe bananas again!

    Recipe by: Shelley Albeluhn

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    In this simple and quick salad. the sweetness of bananas is complemented by the tang of curd and a hint of mustard.

    Recipe by: RADHIKA GHATAGE

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    Try these yummy, easy to make toffee bananas - only three ingredients! Great on its own, but even better over vanilla ice cream.

    Recipe by: foxaylady

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    A new way to enjoy chicken with sweet apples from Simla.

    Recipe by: Behr

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    Summery cocktail with Bacardi, pineapple juice and sparkling water. You will need a tall glass and a cocktail shaker/mixer.

    Recipe by: helen

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    With the winter chill still in the air, a pleasant winter evening can be made all the more cozy especially when you serve your guests an ‘off beat’ dish that adds a magical spark to the evening. How about trying this delicious succulent vegetarian burger made differently? It is made from veggies and lentils. It can be had without the bun as well while you top it with spicy, sweet salsa. In case you wish to give it a more traditional touch, you can top it off with ketchup and toss in cheese and club it in a sesame bun.

    Recipe by: debojyoti.ganguly

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