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    Italian cuisine is famously flavourful, delicious and healthy. Find recipes for salads, spaghetti, lasagna, pesto, marinara sauce and others here.

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    This delicious Italian dessert that's so popular that it's an icon practically, is also very easy to make. Be creative and decorate with chopped strawberries or just their syrup, mint or chocolate leaves. Bon appetito!

    Recipe by: florence

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    This recipe is from Apulia, in Southern Italy. Spinach and mushrooms are sautéed with onion, garlic and vinegar. Serve with good quality bread.

    Recipe by: Salvatore

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    Here's one of my authentic mutton biryani recipes. Guys and gals enjoy! Let me have your comments.

    Recipe by: Santhosh

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    A combination of vegetables with zesty lemon juice and salad seasoning

    Recipe by: sumana

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    Here's a great pizza, a diversion from the usual tomato marinara for your next party. Also impressive when you want to make an exotic dinner for someone special.

    Recipe by: SKWms

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