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Sauce recipes (61)

Make your dishes special with rich, flavourful gravies and sauces from India and abroad.

Top sauce recipes

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This soya and sesame dipping sauce is great for Vietnamese or Chinese spring rolls, tandoori pork or chicken.

Recipe by: Rayna

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This is my family's favourite raita and is made in a couple of minutes!

Recipe by: SavitaJ

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This sauce is a surprisingly simple combination of ingredients that brings spectacular flavour. Great on meats or chicken.

Recipe by: LAFLINT

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Great for dressing up meat or chicken, and simple to make.

Recipe by: Jason Clarke

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Ripe, juicy tomatoes find a great use in this tasty vegetarian pasta sauce that you can eat with spaghetti, with fried breaded chicken or just poured over fried brinjal slices. You may add dried red mirchi flakes to add spice.

Recipe by: Lima

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