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A great way to get your kids a tasty, healthy snack. Fruit, whole wheat bread, nut butter, this dish covers it all!

Recipe by: SaidAndDunn

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This is a quick and easy recipe to make if you are in a rush for dinner!

Recipe by: SavitaJ

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A perfect breakfast or mid-day snack recipe.

Recipe by: Sunaina

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A salad with a bite to it.

Recipe by: Sunaina

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Very healthy and superb tasty kheer ,cashew nut kheer Mouth watering kheer,once you eat feel like eating again n again hmmmmmm ahhhhhhhh yammyyyyyyy

Recipe by: vidyasagar

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I love Idlis. Here's a North Indian touch to this classic comfort food from the South. You can use any vegetables you have in the fridge.

Recipe by: Priyanka

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This is a very versatile item in bengali cuisine. After the bengali festival durga Puja, there's a tradition of all friends and relatives visiting each other wishing good luck and happiness. One of the typical items served at this occasion is ghugni which is popular among kids. Till now I fondly relish those memories of how eagerly we waited for it to be served when we visited our relatives. Try it and hope you and your kids will enjoy.

Recipe by: piku

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This is a family recipe for healthy houmous. Use on sandwiches or as a dip for veggies.

Recipe by: ROYHOBBS

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Polenta is corn meal (dried, crushed corn) and is very easy to cook. It tastes great with herbs, cheese or butter and cracked black pepper. Here's a simple and easy recipe for polenta.

Recipe by: IDAJ

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Start your day right with these healthy, easy to make, delicious pancakes.

Recipe by: sal

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