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This is a high fibre chapati from north Karnataka. Great with dal, raita, curries or just on its own. Jowar is easily available all over the country.

Recipe by: sanjayumarani

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This is a traditional dish eaten on special occasions as a bread accompaniment to Sorpotel or Vindaloo. It looks just like the idli.

Recipe by: Louella

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The 'soda' in this easy to make, wildly popular bread doesn't come from club soda, but from soda bicarbonate. Try it with anything you'd eat bread with!

Recipe by: Karin

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Rich and nutty, these chocolate muffins are great as breakfast or tea time snack. Pull up a chair in the veranda and watch the rain come down with these in one hand and a cuppa chai in the other.

Recipe by: Marais Leon

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Coffee in one hand and a decadent, melt in your mouth, warm muffin rolled in cinnamon sugar in the other. Ahhh!

Recipe by: betsy

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Just add a little maska on these cinnamon-nutmeg sweet treats and nothing's better at tea time!

Recipe by: NALLY

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this recipe is very easy and it takes hardly 10 to 15 minitues.try it n ENJOY!

Recipe by: md

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