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This cake is simple enough to eat with a cuppa tea, yet good enough to serve for a special occasion. It's one of my family's favourites.

Recipe by: Karlene

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Flour, milk, raisins, lemon and cardamom makes this flavourful cake that's festive enough for Christmas and nice enough to be enjoyed for breakfast or tea time.

Recipe by: Gudny Bjorg Kjaerbo

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Great for monsoons, this is a traditional moist, densely textured cake that matures and develops over time. It will last really well for up to two weeks. Great with a cuppa coffee.

Recipe by: steenbergs

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Gingery biscuits and oats smashed and used as base for this creamy, decadent cheesecake.

Recipe by: Ailsa J.

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A cake made with your favourite chai and dried fruits.

Recipe by: David

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It's so easy to remember as it's equal measures of butter, sugar and flour. If you're in a hurry shove all the ingredients for the cake in a bowl and cream together before you bake it. Use any seasonal fruit you like.

Recipe by: nycki

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