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This cold soup from Spain is a classic dish for elaborate summer dinners. It uses lots of tomatoes, which helps to protect the cardiovascular system. It needs at least one hour chilling time for best results.

Recipe by: Rachel Warren Chadd

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Pigeons cooked with onions, aloo and spices. A rich and gamy soup that makes an impressive starter, or can be served with crusty rolls for a memorable light lunch.

Recipe by: Brenda Houghton

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This no cook, cold, garlicky soup is ready in just 30 minutes. Great with herb bread for a hot summer eve snack sitting under the stars.

Recipe by: DAY-STAR

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Sweet potatoes in a rich, smooth, comforting soup. A lovely starter for a dinner party during autumn or winter.

Recipe by: DOLPHIN

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Mussels, aloo in a garlicky tomato broth with cream. Simple yet luxurious! Serve with an interesting bread.

Recipe by: *GRAHAM*

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This sinus opening super spicy soup is made with chicken or seafood, whichever you prefer! Great on a cool day to enjoy with friends or by yourself. Serve alone or with rice.

Recipe by: FAIQAH

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