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SE Asia makes various kinds of noodle soups. On a cold monsoon day, this healthy soup warms you up beautifully. You may add more or less of the ingredients but don't skimp on the tender onions or you'll miss the fragrance and flavour. You may use macaroni in place of egg noodles and to make it spicy, add lots of chopped red or green mirchi!

Recipe by: Angie

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Fragrant, rich, delish- very simple, ready in 15 mins! Need I say more? It's always popular with kids and adults. I make a big batch and freeze some for nights when I don't want to cook.

Recipe by: VCOLLO

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Here's my fave creamy veggie soup for a cold winter night. The thickness of the soup is determined by the ratio of cauliflower to water. Because cauliflowers are all different sizes, add stock or milk if the soup is too thick.

Recipe by: Yael Nissan

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No need to run to the Chinese restaurant for Chi Tan T'ang. It's a simple soup to make, just stir beaten eggs into chicken stock flavoured with soy sauce, vinegar and chopped green onions. Season with herbs, onions or spices for more flavour.

Recipe by: Brian Gillette

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Here's a delicious, rich, smooth pureed soup made with capsicums and topped with cream. I like using Red capsicums for this dish for the great colour they add.

Recipe by: Judi

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Enjoy this hearty soup made with toor and sweet potatoes. I like it a little spicy but feel free to experiment with the seasonings and garnishes.

Recipe by: SUDHARAM

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This soup is full of natural fibre and that helps you stay full for longer, helping you eat less. You can make hundreds of variations of it. I like simple food and haven't seasoned it but feel free to put spices and herbs of your choice. Enjoy!

Recipe by: PEGW

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This warming soup is just great for when I have a cold.

Recipe by: JGCASE

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This is a very mild, salty, tangy starter soup from Japan. Feel free to experiment and add ingredients according to taste.

Recipe by: Sawako

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The authentic version of this soup has galangal, lemon grass and kaffir lime leaves. I couldn't find them so I've used substitutes. It turned out delicious!

Recipe by: MARBALET

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