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If you are intimidated by the thought of making Rasgullas at home, breathe easy! I was too, until one day I tried it and realized I was worried for no reason all these years. They are quite easy and super quick to make. Give these a try.

Recipe by: Susmita

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This dessert is made with wheat, coconut milk and milk. Wheat and coconut is a seldom used combination, but those who have tasted it can't wait for more!!

Recipe by: My_kitchen

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I don’t have sweet tooth. But there is something about Genasale that I end up having more and more when ever it’s made at home. My granny prepares this for me whenever I visit her. So it makes it more closer to my heart. As if she has got it in her gene, my mom too makes ultimate genasale. So I guess it’s my duty to learn to prepare this : ). Sharing with you all this sweet preparation.

Recipe by: RashmiSH

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It is a very traditional goan sweet dish. It is something my Mom used to make for tea and as my Mom used to say "it is strengthening and good for you". It is like a porridge that can be eaten hot or chilled. When chilled it is more like a pudding.

Recipe by: Louella

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This is a very famous traditional Bengali sweet dish. The origin of the dish is East India. But it is famous through all over India. The shape of the sweet will be round and you will get a spongy feeling by pressing it. I have given this sweet to so many non-bengali friends of mine they all said only one word "aaaawesome".

Recipe by: Zinat

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Easy to cook & not more ingredients required

Recipe by: seemaangadi123

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This is a sweet rice dish made on festival sankranthi/pongal in karnataka and tamil nadu.

Recipe by: sumana

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