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This Catalan way of cooking pasta in a thick, fresh tomato sauce makes a rich side dish with meat or fish dishes.

Recipe by: Brenda Houghton

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This recipe comes from my Italian grandmother. It was always one of my favourites. It's best if you chill it overnight.

Recipe by: Anita Hughes

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Inspired by the famous Spanish cold soup, this is a great pasta salad for summer picnics or easy dinners. It's colourful and tangy with its lime-tomato dressing and hari mirchi.


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Sautéed red capsicum and almonds with freshly cooked pasta make for a great, light lunch in summer. Kids esp. love this dish!

Recipe by: jessica

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Ready in the wink of an eye, here's a delicious pasta dish spilling with tomatoes.

Recipe by: kelcampbell

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This is a quick and easy lunch or dinner dish. Finally, you can use those beautiful smelling sweet peas for something other than just decoration.

Recipe by: Saz

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Pasta doesn't get simpler than this- saute as many veggies as you like and toss them with pasta. A simple and delicious side dish. I've used turai and capsicums but feel free to use others of your choice.

Recipe by: Susan

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Mango meets pasta in a spicy tomato sauce in this easy dinner dish. Reduce or increase chillies to taste. Also great as a picnic treat!

Recipe by: Marlies Monika

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Boiled pasta tossed with chane sauteed with fresh oregano and parmesan. 'Fusilli' or 'corkscrew' pasta is used in this dish that Italian grandmothers still make for their families. It's best if you chill it overnight.

Recipe by: Anita Hughes

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Just find ready made lasagne sheets and this great lunch or dinner dish bursting with carrot, brinjals, capsicum and herbs is all yours!

Recipe by: Ceridwen

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