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Use fresh mushrooms for this dish. They add a wonderfully concentrated flavour to this fast and easy dish. Serve with creamy pasta and a tender tomato salad. Delicious!

Recipe by: Jan Cutler

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This is a very easy to make and well loved recipe. Its a hot favourite among working women due to the easiness in preparation plus the fact that it goes well with dosa, rice and roti...and the fact that it tastes great!

Recipe by: My_kitchen

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Sweet Tortilla... is a simple, healthy and delicious food. Especially for those who loves to have sweet dishes.

Recipe by: Medha

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Manchurian easy and short time to cook. Would be good in different combinations with paneer and bread

Recipe by: Zach

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Baby Corn Masala is very yummy and does not require much time to get cooked. The foodies will surely love it...!!

Recipe by: Naresh_Jethani

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This is a mango pickle recipe that is made in Goa just on the onset of summer when the raw mangoes are in season and stored for those rainy days when you would eat the pickle with kangi (rice water)!

Recipe by: Louella

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Tasty, moist vegetarian mushroom burgers - what's not to love!

Recipe by: Barbara Harris

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Kabuli chane balls seasoned with spices and fried into 'falafels'- the wildly popular middle eastern snack. Delicious served with cucumber sauce rolled up in a pita or chapati with tomatoes.

Recipe by: Sean

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It gives a new taste to bhindi.

Recipe by: sonam

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This is very very simple sabji / dry curry which can be taken with meals. It is healthy and corn lovers might enjoy... they will now be baby corn lovers too after making .. and eating this :-)

Recipe by: sumana

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