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Besan is found in most Marwari dishes. Here's a besan stuffing you can use to make anything. This is a spicy version with green chillies stuffed with besan masala.

Recipe by: pragatim


Peanut chutney powder is called Shenga Hindi in North Karnataka. You can sprinkle this powder on curries, rice or dosas.

Recipe by: sanjayumarani

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Make healthy and delicious almond snacks right at home. They are nothing like the fried, heavy almonds you find at Diwali time. These almonds are coated with garlic, rosemary, coarse salt and olive oil before roasting. Delicious warm or cool, they pair well with olives and feta cheese. If you are using non-roasted almonds, increase the cooking time a little.


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How about giving humble aloo a rustic twist? These roasties go great with all kinds of meat dishes. The haldi gives a nice colour too.

Recipe by: MARLENE28

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Boiled aloo, stuffed with filling, cooked under a grill.


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This is very very simple sabji / dry curry which can be taken with meals. It is healthy and corn lovers might enjoy... they will now be baby corn lovers too after making .. and eating this :-)

Recipe by: sumana


This is a real tongue thriller that isn't oily and is healthy because it's grilled. Can be considered as starter, or snack with tea/coffee.

Recipe by: sumana

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It is a snack ideally served in the evening with tea or coffee.It is more enjoyable during winter. It tastes best when served with tomato sauce.

Recipe by: vasundharaks

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A innovative sort of recipe requiring minimum work and is healthy. This one is a favourite of me and my brother. A recipe made with minimum ingredients and is a healthy snack and the best part ... it can be made in a few minutes... So no sweating in kitchen this summer.

Recipe by: akshu-cooks

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