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A simple fudge recipe combining chocolate chips, condensed milk, nuts and orange zest. Use walnuts or almonds if desired.

Recipe by: Angela

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It is a sweet dish that is very easy to make. When you have more number of guests at home and you want to serve them a unique sweet dish which can be done in few minutes, then you must try this. Your guests and even kids would relish this pudding!

Recipe by: sb09

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Creamy chocolate icing for decorating cakes, pastries, fresh bakes biscuits and for letting your kids do some edible face painting!

Recipe by: SaidaBlack

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Crunchy cornflakes coated in chocolate- this is a wonderful sweet, very popular with kids and adults alike in our family.

Recipe by: victoriaeh

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I'm a chocoholic and I have a soft spot for these chewy little cakes. Hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do!

Recipe by: superyoungcook

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These classic American-style chocolate chip cookies have crisp edges and chewy middles. Dunk them in a glass of milk and you're on cloud nine!

Recipe by: Dora

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Drown your favourite fruits into a bath of molten chocolate. You can use a variety of fresh fruit- sliced strawberries, bananas, apples, oranges, pineapple in this absolutely decadent dessert.

Recipe by: Staci Mondell

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Give a break to the usual and serve these delightful, fun chocolate creatures at your child's b'day party. They'll love them!

Recipe by: Rosina

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The classic combo of chocolate and mint comes together beautifully in these moist, crumbly brownies. Serve with coffee after dinner or as an afternoon snack.

Recipe by: S. Hynek

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These little 'bombs' of chocolate simply explode in your mouth and you just can't stop at one! Make several to give as a gift or to include in a Diwali hamper.

Recipe by: Terry

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