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This dessert is made with wheat, coconut milk and milk. Wheat and coconut is a seldom used combination, but those who have tasted it can't wait for more!!

Recipe by: My_kitchen

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This is a drink combines all the goodness of coconut and milk. So, a high energy-high mineral drink....just perfect for summer tropical holidays.

Recipe by: My_kitchen

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CORN CUTLETS Boil a cup full of sweet corn.Mash them.Add 2 TSF each of finely cut onions and capsicum to the mashed corns.Add 2 spoonful of finely cut ginger and a spoonful of green chillies as well as two slices of bread and 2 TSF bread crumps to the above mixture.Also add a spoonful each of red chillies,Anardana powder,garam masala and salt to taste.mash all the ingredients together and make small balls,flatten these balls slightly and fry ih any veg.oil till golden brown. Enjoy your Corn cutlets with hari chutney and tomato ketchup.

Recipe by: manavji

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A laddoo is a very common dessert in South Asia. Coconut or Narikel Laddoo is one of the many kinds of laddoos that can be found in this region. laddoos hold special memories of my late grandmother ( Nanu) who used to make them every now and then. I very fondly remember that I would always be eager to go over to visit my Nanu, and eat her delicious laddoos. I am sure many of us have similar memories, so make some laddoos for yourself and reminisce the good old times!

Recipe by: BengaliFoodie

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