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Simply shake strawberries, sugar and cream into soft ice cream that's healthy, ready in 10 minutes and fun to make. A great family activity with a sweet reward at the end. You may use plastic cans or resealable plastic bags.

Recipe by: melissa

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With oats and bananas, this is a much filling and healthy smoothie than the sugary ones out there. A fantastic breakfast on the go!

Recipe by: ASTROPHE

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These healthy and ever popular muffins will always be a hit on your breakfast table. Send them as snacks in your kid's lunch box or enjoy with chai after your afternoon siesta.


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This yummy dessert is made with sponge cake drenched in custard and topped with fruits and nuts. Feel free to make the custard and add fruits of your choice! Happy Karva Chauth and Jhhakarian!

Recipe by: Polly Welby

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Dates chopped into a rich batter and baked for 10 mins. Great for breakfast or tea time, ready in just 1/2 hour!

Recipe by: MELIS1

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Pudding of choice between moist sponge cake makes this yummy trifle a real treat any time of the day!

Recipe by: RedChowDawg

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Traditional English apple pud in just 30 mins!

Recipe by: Katie O

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A decadent tart made with lemons and cream.

Recipe by: Carol F

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Delicious toffee apples coated in crunchy caramelized sugar 'toffee' glaze - great for Halloween, fetes, fundraisers and birthday parties.

Recipe by: MUM1

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It's so easy to remember as it's equal measures of butter, sugar and flour. If you're in a hurry shove all the ingredients for the cake in a bowl and cream together before you bake it. Use any seasonal fruit you like.

Recipe by: nycki

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