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Everyone's favourite paneer paratha, bursting with flavors of green coriander, whole coriander and chat masala.

Recipe by: pragatim

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Karahi paneer is a famous dish of northern India. The place of origin is Punjab. I learnt to make this dish from my mother, who is a very good cook. After i got married i made this dish for my husband as in my first cooking session. That was quite a crucial moment for me: preparing first time food after marriage is a significant task. But thanks to my mother and her special cooking skills, i made a sumptuous and lasting impression.

Recipe by: Jaya

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Saag paneer is an Indian dish made with spinach and cheese. It is traditionally eaten with Indian flatbreads such as naan and roti, and it is a very common offering on the menus of Indian restaurants and in Indian homes. Saag paneer is also very easy to make at home no matter where in the world one is, and it can be prepared in a variety of ways, ranging from a very simple version to a complex saag paneer with a range of spices.

Recipe by: Mayank

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This is popular rich paneer (Indian cheese) dish that is served with parathas. Serve this Punjabi dish warm.

Recipe by: prea_desai

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This is a traditional Indian side dish consisting of cheese cubes dipped gravy of peas. Serve with parathas, chapattis or white pulav.

Recipe by: Megha_Karanjkar

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Spinach has countless conclusively proven health benefits. Spinach is thought to help prevent and fight cancer, build strong bones, promote gastrointestinal health and discourage heart attacks, even if you already have cardiovascular issues. It is also a great source of vitamins C and K and is a documented anti-inflammatory agent, which means that it can sooth infected and inflamed parts of your body, like stomach ulcers.

Recipe by: kuds82

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