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Colourful, flavourful, easy to make noodle soup with sea food and sweet peas, typical of South East Asian countries.

Recipe by: Lindsay Perejma

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A delicious seafood risotto with a gorgeously creamy texture and taste!

Recipe by: claudinhull

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This is yet another iconic dish from Bengal. The specialty is in use of fresh ingredients such as good quality prawns and coconut milk etc. This is again a gourmet item and usually is cooked in my house during a special occasion.

Recipe by: piku

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This recipe is a bengali delicacy. This is usually cooked on a festive occasion. This is one of my mom's favorites and I like to make it on special days such as her birthday or mother's day.

Recipe by: piku

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This is a dry prawn preperation very easy and simple but flavourful. I have always served this dish whenever we entertain for dinner and it has always been a crowd pleaser.

Recipe by: Louella

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This is a wonderful dish for when you want to cook a special treat. You can bbq or sauté the prawns with the marinade and use the sauce with pasta or soak it up with a good quality bread.

Recipe by: kathie

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Making sushi doesn't have to be complicated. You just need to practice a little bit. These basic sushi rolls can be filled with any ingredients you choose. Try it with smoked salmon, crab meat, tuna - and the list goes on! Serve with soy sauce and wasabi.

Recipe by: 1ORANGE1

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This is the kind of dish you get at gourmet seaside restaurants. Fresh scallops, mussels, prawns and calamari are cooked, then dressed in olive oil, lemon juice and fresh herbs. Served on its own or over mixed leafy green salad.

Recipe by: Domenica Ann

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Bring Maine home with these delicious crab cakes made with ginger, coriander and lime juice.

Recipe by: dakota kelly

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A festive starter for a summer dinner party, here's a Mexico-inspired prawn cocktail with lots of fresh coriander, cucumber, green onions and chilli.

Recipe by: Rey Garza

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