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This desserts originates from Rajasthan (North India). There is a lot of frying in Ghee as well as dry roasting involved in this dish. You should have two heavy bottom pans, one for dry roasting, and the other of Ghee frying.

Recipe by: rashmi.purbey

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This snack along with hot tea is a hot favourite during rainy seasons. I have brunched on it many a times during college days. It was the most in-demand snack of our college canteen. If you like potatoes, you will only be asking for more Bonda.

Recipe by: My_kitchen

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Boiled carrots mashed with dalchini, jeera, honey and other spices from North Africa. Great on top of bread or with veggies as a healthy and light dip.

Recipe by: Brenda Houghton

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This versatile marinade works well for any meat or fish.

Recipe by: DEBNJAMES

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In just adha ganta, sesame seeds, turmeric and tamarind paste bring distinctive flavours to this easy rice dish. Use as much or as little tamarind as you prefer.

Recipe by: NAUSHEE

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This is an innovative recipe of mine. Generally everyone throws away cauliflower stems but they are the main ingredient here. And when my family members and friends tasted it they were so much amazed! It became their favourite. It is not very spicy and tastes excellent with rice, dosa and upma.

Recipe by: g.gouri

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This is a Kerala style spicy beef fry. It is a good side dish for rice.

Recipe by: eyya

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If you have never cooked with spices before and have got people at your home who have a taste for spices then this the recipe for you!!..A very warm and easy to cook recipe adapted from Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi's "Mother's Chicken Curry" recipe with a little variation. First time i cooked it at home, i remember the surprised looks on everyone's face..they never imagined i could go beyond baking cakes or doing the oven work..but here was the dish with a proper indian taste and a good balance of spices. I've cooked this ever since. A must try for everyone.

Recipe by: piscean

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A tomato chutney is an easy to go side dish that tastes really good with Daal. It is definitely one of my favorites!

Recipe by: BengaliFoodie

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Moog dal is a traditional Bengali-Indian lentil soup. Many add other types of dal, such as masoor or chora dal to the moog dal lentil soup. This dal is known for its thick gravy, and is served as an every day side dish for lunch and dinner with plain white rice. I like to have mood dal with plain ata rootis ( flour tortillas) and scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Recipe by: BengaliFoodie

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