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Lemon curd is a famous British fruity and tangy jam. Great on toast, in cakes, on top of pancakes or straight from the jar! This is a delectable recipe, quick and easy to make. It is particularly useful when entertaining and short on time.

Recipe by: CATSEO

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This is my grandma's recipe that was made every Sunday morning as a family tradition! I crave it once in a while and is simple to make!

Recipe by: SavitaJ

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This is one of my favourite sandwiches which I often have for lunch! You can make it the night before and it stays good!

Recipe by: SavitaJ

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The name literally means 'egg and lemon' and they combine beautifully to make this popular Greek soup. It's light, quick to make, kid and adult friendly and looks great with a thin slice of lemon or some coriander on top.

Recipe by: Michelle Chen

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No need to run to the Chinese restaurant for Chi Tan T'ang. It's a simple soup to make, just stir beaten eggs into chicken stock flavoured with soy sauce, vinegar and chopped green onions. Season with herbs, onions or spices for more flavour.

Recipe by: Brian Gillette

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Another delicious recipe passed down to me by my mother.

Recipe by: Martin

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Egg yolks, butter, and lemon juice combine to make this age old sauce from France. It's creamy, slightly tangy, always delicious and goes great over eggs, fish, steamed veggies or meats. Be careful, keep the heat low so that the egg yolks don't curdle, and whisk constantly.

Recipe by: STEPHANO

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This bhurji with basil and cheese will make for a wonderful breakfast or brunch! Eat on top of toast.


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This is a much loved recipe from my Italian childhood. Use fresh eggs and have crusty fresh bread on hand to soak up the delicious sauce.

Recipe by: Dora

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Start someone special's day with this treat. A thin omelette wrapped around a crab and prawn filling. Perfect for a special brunch or late supper!

Recipe by: Jennyw

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