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Pasteurized curd and white chocolate with rum. Makes a gorgeous and easy dinner party dessert.

Recipe by: D Hatzizacharia


A delicious roast chicken for occasions where there are a large number of people and you have very less time......

Recipe by: kavya8484


This is the simplest Cake you can try at home . With right measurement's the is really light and your family can enjoy together .It good for around 2 weeks ...and you dont need to refrigerate it .

Recipe by: priyas612


this cake is Very Healthy to all .

Recipe by: amritamantri


This is a cake with wonderful flavors. Chocolate and coffee have worked beautifully in cakes since Victorian times. I'm sure you'll enjoy this treat!

Recipe by: amritamantri


Very healthy and superb tasty kheer ,cashew nut kheer Mouth watering kheer,once you eat feel like eating again n again hmmmmmm ahhhhhhhh yammyyyyyyy

Recipe by: vidyasagar

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