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Lohri/Makar Sankranti x
Nuts x
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Use any nut for this recipe, or make a mixture of many nuts. Makes a fantastic gift or party food.

Recipe by: Rosemary


This is a sweet prepared with carrots.

Recipe by: Pratimahu


I invented this recipe just to make my son eat gujiya. Adding just a little bit of food color presents a colorful Holi snack kids can't resist picking up.

Recipe by: pragatim

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This is our favourite sweet dish during the winter months. The almonds give warmth to the body as well as strength to fight the extreme cold.

Recipe by: pragatim


Peanut chutney powder is called Shenga Hindi in North Karnataka. You can sprinkle this powder on curries, rice or dosas.

Recipe by: sanjayumarani

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This is a dish that is made during the Sankranti festival. Enjoy!

Recipe by: Megha_Karanjkar

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