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Mutton marinated in herbs with lime and chillies. I like tender, boneless lamb meat for this dish. This is a traditional North African dish and is best served with couscous.

Recipe by: laughs and smiles

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While teaching English in Asia the past several years, I've been lucky to exchange some delicious and authentic recipes with local people. This Vietnamese Sandwich, or Banh Mi, is brilliant and it is a nice break from common sandwiches. Use garlic chilli sauce but Indonesian sambal or Korean chilli paste can also be substituted. This is an authentic recipe of French influenced Vietnamese cuisine.


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This Nigerian soup uses meat covered in egusi or pumpkin seeds and cooked in a rich tomato gravy. Any combination of crab, prawns and smoked fish can be used in place of the prawns. Enjoy it with traditional Eba bread.

Recipe by: Karena

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Get ready to have the energy to move a mountain after this luxurious breakfast! Feel free to use bread of choice if you can't get traditional soda bread.

Recipe by: Prue

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This one pot meal is so easy to cook! Polish sausage, keilbasa, works very well with this dish but feel free to improvise. Like in many Eastern European dishes, cabbage is the star here.

Recipe by: Katherine Denning

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Grape leaves are stuffed with meat and veggies for this intensely popular traditional snack from Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries. This one is inspired by a Greek filling of lamb and rice.

Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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Bulgogi translates to 'fire meat' and that should come as a pleasant surprise to our palates, used as they are, to fiery flavours. Koreans, like us, take their mirchis seriously! You may use beef or any meat of choice.


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Bacon, mutton, aloo, carrots and lots of seasonings turn this soup into a hearty stew that can warm up the coldest days!

Recipe by: Danny O'Flaugherty

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This Shahi Nawabi Biryani..has given immence pleassure of cooking this Biryani for my family n friends...this Shahi Biryani is enriched with more flavours from Nawabi kind of peoples.

Recipe by: Nazreen

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