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A sweet curry prepared with ripe mangoes. Very widely used in Kerala during the mango season.

Recipe by: My_kitchen

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Another classic Andhra preparation. This dish goes perfectly with ‘Aaku pappu’ (dal with greens). I even like it as an accompaniment to khichdi. This tastes best with home-made buttermilk, but you can use commercial buttermilk too.

Recipe by: Susmita

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I first ate this dosa in a small village near Bangalore. I love the earthy, nutty taste of the Ragi. It is also very nutritious.

Recipe by: Susmita

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I loved crunchy, spicy fried roti with a cup full of cool raita. Great for when you have rotis left over.

Recipe by: ujwalaneeli

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A light brinjal curry

Recipe by: Midhun

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This is a tangy yummy curry made from tamrind base which can eaten with rice or chapathi...

Recipe by: sumana

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This is one of my favourite recipe to prepare and i relish it a lot. Stuffed Karela is great with rice/parathas/rotis. Enjoy !

Recipe by: pmitnala

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Neer Dosa is a unique dosa of the Tulu Nadu region. Neer means water in Tulu. Like all dosas, neer dosa is also prepared by grinding rice soaked in water to make a watery batter.This batter is poured onto a heated tawa in a circular fashion, and is removed when the upper surface becomes dry. Neer Dosa is eaten with chutney and/or sambar and sometimes with jaggery mixed with grated coconut.

Recipe by: Shruthi

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A special kind of sweet (payasa) prepared in the coastal regions of Karnataka. We also call it 'Sarnyada Adya'.

Recipe by: bashi

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Mathanga Erishery - A recipe using Red Moong Dal and Yellow Pumpkin

Recipe by: sbalak

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