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Aviyal is a South Indian delicacy, a hugely popular vegetarian dish that we make for festivals and auspicious events. Almost every household makes a different style of aviyal inspite of the same ingredients – vegetables, curd, coconut and spices. My mother’s from Andhra and this is her recipe. Hope you’ll like it as much as we do.

Recipe by: Susmita

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A sweet curry prepared with ripe mangoes. Very widely used in Kerala during the mango season.

Recipe by: My_kitchen

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Crunchy dosa made with rice and variety of lentils.

Recipe by: My_kitchen

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Another classic Andhra preparation. This dish goes perfectly with ‘Aaku pappu’ (dal with greens). I even like it as an accompaniment to khichdi. This tastes best with home-made buttermilk, but you can use commercial buttermilk too.

Recipe by: Susmita

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I first ate this dosa in a small village near Bangalore. I love the earthy, nutty taste of the Ragi. It is also very nutritious.

Recipe by: Susmita

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Kori Rotti is a Mangalorean speciality. Kori means chicken, and rottis, in this case, are not the traditional chapattis or rotis. They are a special kind of bread, which are made of rice paste and then dried, so quite hard and crispy and are made into sheets that are then broken into pieces. These rottis, when soaked by the chicken curry, absorb it and turn quite soft. A real taste and texture sensation!

Recipe by: shruthihshetty

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I loved crunchy, spicy fried roti with a cup full of cool raita. Great for when you have rotis left over.

Recipe by: ujwalaneeli

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Very healthy and superb tasty kheer ,cashew nut kheer Mouth watering kheer,once you eat feel like eating again n again hmmmmmm ahhhhhhhh yammyyyyyyy

Recipe by: vidyasagar

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A light brinjal curry

Recipe by: Midhun

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This is a tangy yummy curry made from tamrind base which can eaten with rice or chapathi...

Recipe by: sumana

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