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This is a typical dal that Punjabis make for their parties! My kids love it ! I enjoy it as a soup or with with fresh rotis!

Recipe by: SavitaJ


Spicy peas curry is a nice combination with Kerala porotta, appam, dosa or roti.

Recipe by: My_kitchen


I don’t have sweet tooth. But there is something about Genasale that I end up having more and more when ever it’s made at home. My granny prepares this for me whenever I visit her. So it makes it more closer to my heart. As if she has got it in her gene, my mom too makes ultimate genasale. So I guess it’s my duty to learn to prepare this : ). Sharing with you all this sweet preparation.

Recipe by: RashmiSH


This is a savoury dish that tastes excellent with rice or poori. When combined with puri and halwa, it's also traditionally served for ashtmi during navaratri. That's when little girls are invited home and are worshipped like the devi.

Recipe by: SavitaJ

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My friend Manesh Singh, who is a professional chef, shared this goat curry recipe with me. Like all of Manesh bhaiya's dishes, this one is also richly flavourful and finger licking good!

Recipe by: Priyanka


This is one of my hot favorite family recipe. It is simple to make and delicious to eat. During my bridal shower when I was asked what I would like to eat, this was on my list. It is flavorful and not as heavy as many other pulao recipe that I have come across. The key is using the ingredients in the right proportion.

Recipe by: piku


This is my mom's recent signature dish. I got to taste it when she came to visit me in this country. She cooked it for my friends and the dish got immensely popular. It is very gourmet in terms of taste and presentation.

Recipe by: piku

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It is a very traditional goan sweet dish. It is something my Mom used to make for tea and as my Mom used to say "it is strengthening and good for you". It is like a porridge that can be eaten hot or chilled. When chilled it is more like a pudding.

Recipe by: Louella


We love this dish in Goa. It is very delicate, tender and extremely delicious. Can be served as an accompaniment for main dishes or we make sandwiches with it for a picnic!

Recipe by: Louella

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Huruli (horse gram) usli is a healthy snack which can be taken in the evening with coffee or eaten with rice and huruli saru or sambar which I have uploaded here. Eat Horse gram- be assured you are fit to walk and run like a horse ;-)

Recipe by: sumana

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