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This is my favourite family recipe! My kids don't eat channa daal so I cheat and mush up the entire contents in a mxie or with a hand blender so they don't know the difference! I make a whole pressure cooker of it and take it to work as a soup. It tastes good with either rice or roti as well.

Recipe by: SavitaJ

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A vegetarian soup lover's delight - here's a twist to the same old dal!

Recipe by: pragatim

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This North Karnataka special chutney can be eaten with joladarotti or chapati.

Recipe by: sanjayumarani

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Mathanga Erishery - A recipe using Red Moong Dal and Yellow Pumpkin

Recipe by: sbalak

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This is delicious & healthy rice dish.

Recipe by: vandhana.j

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Its a very famous Punjabi Dish : Sarson Ka Saag

Recipe by: priyanka.arora

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it is a simple,healthy and very tasty is an all time favourite to my family.

Recipe by: deepika

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Nutritious Food

Recipe by: priyanaidu

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As the name suggests this dal can be made quickly and easily as any other dals. But the difference is in fact that there is no masala added and also the minimum spices used. Hope u enjoy this dish as much me and parents. This recipe was my brainwave one boring evening as i was waiting for my parents and had to cook something lite and nutritious for dinner.

Recipe by: akshu-cooks

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This is a cake with wonderful flavors. Chocolate and coffee have worked beautifully in cakes since Victorian times. I'm sure you'll enjoy this treat!

Recipe by: amritamantri

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