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Dal(lentil soup) is an everyday dish that is eaten with rice. I usually have dal at the end of a meal Makha Dal is special because of its thick gravy texture. It is a great pair with mango or tetul achar ( pickles). Some also like to have it with freshly squeezed lemon.

Recipe by: BengaliFoodie

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Moog dal is a traditional Bengali-Indian lentil soup. Many add other types of dal, such as masoor or chora dal to the moog dal lentil soup. This dal is known for its thick gravy, and is served as an every day side dish for lunch and dinner with plain white rice. I like to have mood dal with plain ata rootis ( flour tortillas) and scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Recipe by: BengaliFoodie

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I fondly remember my mom making tok daal or mango daal for us which used to be on particular demand during the summer season. This particular daal is a mixture of sweet and sour taste; will definitely sooth and comfort you on a very hot summer day. It can also be served as a cooling drink alongside a meal during summer. My mom used to make her tok daal extra-special by adding in a few secret ingredients such as ginger, roasted jeera masala. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Recipe by: piku

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This dish is a favorite amongst fish lovers, especially those who love cooked bones of big fishes, like Rui. The hard fish head, fish pieces with bones, tails and fins are used in this recipe. The Moong dal makes a great combination with the fish pieces. It is not very spicy, and is served with steaming plain white rice.

Recipe by: Afsana_Hossain

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Chalkumra Dal is a light and healthy curry cooked as an everyday dish. It is served with plain white rice.

Recipe by: shammi_mustafa

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This is a vegetable recipe with dal. It is served with ata rooti or paratha in the morning as break fast. It can be also served with rice for lunch or dinner.

Recipe by: shammi_mustafa

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