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This is such an easy, versatile recipe for your chocolate cravings. You can chill this easy mousse to firmness and make chocolate truffles.

Recipe by: Polly Welby

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Milkmaid condensed milk with grand marnier into a great 'ice cream'. I like to serve two small scoops in tiny dishes with shortbread, biscotti or amaretti. Feel free to experiment and add a few drops of real vanilla essence or some vanilla seeds.

Recipe by: SARAHEMM

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A moist, easy to make cake for you and your dears.

Recipe by: KAYPEE

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Need a pistachio based dessert for a party? This is one of the easiest you'll ever find.

Recipe by: pragatim

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This delicious Italian dessert that's so popular that it's an icon practically, is also very easy to make. Be creative and decorate with chopped strawberries or just their syrup, mint or chocolate leaves. Bon appetito!

Recipe by: florence

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Chocolate cups filled with cream and strawberries.

Recipe by: Disha

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