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A wonderful, light salsa recipe with olives, onions and garlic. Best served with chips, or as an accompaniment to tandoori chicken.

Recipe by: Julie Dumford

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Fresh ginger, cardamom, and shakarkandi (sweet potatoes) will fill your house with a delightful autumn fragrance, as well as call your family to the table.

Recipe by: Christine L.

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This banana smoothie is tasty, perfect for breakfast or an evening snack. And since it's so healthy, it's wonderful for kid's parties too!

Recipe by: Danielle

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Pronounced Basil Roo-ee, here's a fantastic summer appetizer- Basil and tomatoes are seasoned with green chilli, garlic and sea salt. Serve with toasted baguette slices or pita wedges.

Recipe by: CSANDST1

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Crunchy cornflakes coated in chocolate- this is a wonderful sweet, very popular with kids and adults alike in our family.

Recipe by: victoriaeh

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Tacos, burritos, quesadillas, this authentic Mexican salsa goes with all of your favourite Mexican dishes. The trick is to let it sit so the flavours can mix. Add extra chillies for a spicier kick!

Recipe by: grneyedmustang

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Use this delicious dip for a healthy and pretty snack with chips and raw veggies. Great for parties also! Hot, cold or room temperature, the dip tastes great every which way.

Recipe by: Juanita

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Delicious served with crispy papad as a starter. They should be chilled for at least 24hrs before serving, allowing the lemon juice to neutralise the onion slightly.


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Mango flavoured butter with honey, this is a simple and delicious treat. Feel free to add more mangoes if you want a more robust flavour and taste. Don't skip on good quality bread! You can also make papaya butter this way.

Recipe by: Amber

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This mango pineapple salsa goes very well as a dip for potato chips or on top of toast. As a side dishes, you can also use it with hearty meat platters.

Recipe by: kirklandcook

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