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    Piping hot cups of soup to warm you on cold days or chilled soups for a delicious twist, find your favourite soup recipe from our robust collection here.

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    This soup is incredibly simple to make and you only need a few ingredients. It's light and fresh, plus it freezes really well too.

    Recipe by: VCOLLO

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    According to Ayurveda, lauki (bottle gourd) is very good for the body, it can reverse the effects of aging and it's specially very good for liver. It's low cal and so, it also helps to reduce obesity. Enjoy this recipe!

    Recipe by: kuds82

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    This is a great recipe for days when you are too cold and lazy to cook! You could have it as a meal or as a soup entree with a meal.

    Recipe by: SavitaJ

    216 reviews

    This classic Chinese hot and sour soup is ready in 30 mins. Who says good things need to be complicated?!

    Recipe by: MORPHIUS_RAE

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    This sinus opening super spicy soup is made with chicken or seafood, whichever you prefer! Great on a cool day to enjoy with friends or by yourself. Serve alone or with rice.

    Recipe by: FAIQAH

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