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    This is a dry curry/subji and can be taken with rice or chapati or any bread. We can even use this for sandwich or chapati roll...

    Recipe by: sumana

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    Here's one of my authentic mutton biryani recipes. Guys and gals enjoy! Let me have your comments.

    Recipe by: Santhosh

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    Pav bhaji is a fast food mostly famous in Maharashtra (mostly Mumbai and Pune). Pav in Marathi means bread. Bhaji is a term for a curry and vegetable dish. It is usually sold on the carts on the streets. My mom used to make this at home, as we dont get it in Andhra Pradesh. This is her recipe which I absolutely adore. You can always add any vegetables (like cauliflower, cabbage) that you might have at home. This can be a great meal or a light snack. Try it out!

    Recipe by: Gauravi

    4 reviews

    A light brinjal curry

    Recipe by: Midhun

    1 review

    Let me tell you something, this is my first try using prawns and it is Prawns Masala. You can even make this more spicy if you wish and it depends upon your taste. I am using tiger prawns to prepare this dish.

    Recipe by: Nimesh

    2 reviews

    Crunchy dosa made with rice and variety of lentils.

    Recipe by: My_kitchen

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    This is a sweet prepared with carrots.

    Recipe by: Pratimahu

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    Delicious and flavourful Madras curry powder, coconut milk, ilaychi and laung- you won't forget this chicken dish any time soon! Serve with the best basmati in your pantry. And if it's too mild, feel free to use dried red chilli flakes to taste.

    Recipe by: Kristi Martinez

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    Healthy to eat and simple to prepare, I love these paronthas.

    Recipe by: AmarendraBoddu

    2 reviews

    This is delicious & healthy rice dish.

    Recipe by: vandhana.j

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