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    Eat at breakfast or as a snack paired with chutney, sambar, or other accompaniments.

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    Idly in Palak green Masala

    Recipe by: Divin

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    South Indian cuisine has a strong influence on Maharashtran cuisine. Idlis are an example of this influence. These are round shaped rice cakes that are served with chutneys. Enjoy!

    Recipe by: Prajakta_Karanjkar

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    This is a great idli recipe to have on hand for last-minute guests. Serve these idlis hot with ghee on top and chutney or Milagai powder on the side.

    Recipe by: Susmita

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    I love Idlis. Here's a North Indian touch to this classic comfort food from the South. You can use any vegetables you have in the fridge.

    Recipe by: Priyanka

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    Paddu or Gundpangli could be called a cousin of idli. It's a common breakfast item in all parts of Karnataka. Enjoy!

    Recipe by: sanjayumarani

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    This is a nice variation of the “white” idli chutney that is usually served with idli and dosa. The green comes from coriander leaves.

    Recipe by: Susmita

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    Fried idlis are great to eat with chutney or sambar as a fulfilling dinner. Serve them warm.

    Recipe by: Prajakta_Karanjkar

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    A wholesome breakfast that is tasty too!! Can be eaten as is and doesn't need any chutney to go with. Saves the fermentation time unlike the regular idlis.

    Recipe by: My_kitchen

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