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    These healthy and ever popular muffins will always be a hit on your breakfast table. Send them as snacks in your kid's lunch box or enjoy with chai after your afternoon siesta.

    Recipe by: SWIZZLESTICKS

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    On a busy morning, do you wanna cheat and get a yummy chocolate muffin in 3 minutes? Read on!

    Recipe by: ThingsAtHome

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    This is the famous burger-like sandwich to eat from spongebob.Now it will be eaten in real life

    Recipe by: maliktanya99

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    Coffee in one hand and a decadent, melt in your mouth, warm muffin rolled in cinnamon sugar in the other. Ahhh!

    Recipe by: betsy

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    Easy, healthy, filling- in short, a great breakfast dish. Feel free to use ordinary tomatoes if you can't find the prettier cherry tomatoes.

    Recipe by: bequita

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    With oats and bananas, this is a much filling and healthy smoothie than the sugary ones out there. A fantastic breakfast on the go!

    Recipe by: ASTROPHE

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    Sweet, savoury, cinnamon and egg coated bread fried till golden brown and topped with fruit of choice. Here's the classic feel good breakfast for you and your family. You may also garnish it with whipped cream or honey or strawberry syrup. Enjoy!

    Recipe by: Bonnie

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    Just mix all the ingredients and microwave for 3 mins while you get ready for work. A delicious 'muffin' will be waiting for you!

    Recipe by: ThingsAtHome

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    This healthy recipe doesn't need a pie crust, so you save time and calories! Feel free to experiment with different types of cheeses and chillies to suit your taste. Great for a special breakfast or any time snack!

    Recipe by: ANY14TNS

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    Bacon, eggs, cheese- You'll never guess how easy it is to make this iconic dish from France! An excellent choice anytime, from breakfast to dinner. Feel free to sprinkle some hari mirchi and dhania to jazz it up!

    Recipe by: Lynn

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