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Delectable Chinese-style chicken recipes to try at home. Try chicken wontons or chicken stir-fry. Looking for more Chinese recipes? We have those too.

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Great with noodles or rice, here's a yummy Chinese style chicken-veggie dish. Sesame seeds give it a flavour so yum, you'll be saying 'Open sesame!' in no time!

Recipe by: Shelley

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This recipe is nutritious and has different flavours. It can be served as main dish and also as snacks with drinks. It is delicious by itself or with naan/missi roti. Developed on original idea of my father which is now a favourate in my family and friends.

Recipe by: agodiyal

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This is a quick and easy Chinese style chicken with capsicum, green onions and noodles. The moongfali comes from a sauce made with peanut butter, soy sauce, stock and ginger. Yum!

Recipe by: MARBALET

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Now, you can also make this popular dish right at home!

Recipe by: Jim

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Chicken cooked with pineapple, capsicum, carrots in a gingery, sugary sauce- your own Chinese right at home!

Recipe by: VINEYIS

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