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Add variety and health to your menu with our hundreds of sabzi recipes, from Ma's Aloo Gobhi to traditional Rajasthani Mooli-Palak sabzi, curries from the South and salads from outside India.

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5 reviews

Manchurian easy and short time to cook. Would be good in different combinations with paneer and bread

Recipe by: Zach

6 reviews

This is a dry curry/subji and can be taken with rice or chapati or any bread. We can even use this for sandwich or chapati roll...

Recipe by: sumana

9 reviews

It was saturday and kids like to eat the indian chats like bhel puri, pani puri, sev puri etc. I told them i can make them at home.. they were all so eager to try something new with their regular chats and hence tried this.. This can be taken in the evening with coffee/tea and especially in winter this makes u crazy

Recipe by: sumana

6 reviews

what can a vegeterian look for ? chicken or dum biryani ?? na na.. I am a veggie and so i decided to go for veg biryani. I generally have less time in the morning and when you need to cook something fast this is the best thing to do.. lets try !

Recipe by: sumana

3 reviews

A combination of vegetables with zesty lemon juice and salad seasoning

Recipe by: sumana

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